The 19 best LLC services in 2023. Northwest Registered Agent $39 + state fee and Incfile $0 + state fee are the top recommendations for the year. They both simplify the process of setting up an LLC and make it affordable.

Northwest Registered Agent: Excels in experience, customer service, and privacy. Visit our Northwest Registered Agent review for more info.

IncFile: Excels in experience, and customer service and offers a free LLC formation, just pay the state fee. Visit our Incfile review for more info.

ZenBusiness: Offers basic LLC filing for $0. + state fee and “worry-free guarantee” for compliance. Visit our ZenBusiness review for more info.

Anyone can become a business owner quickly by using an online LLC formation service. They will also be able to get professional representation from a registered agent.

Using an LLC service to form a new business entity is a great way for business owners to have less to worry about.

Our mission at Business808 is to provide top-quality service and product reviews for our readers. That’s why our research team spent four weeks analyzing over 700 reviews over the past 3 years, numerous data points, and many features of 19 LLC formation services.

We researched to find the final 19 best LLC services we reviewed for this guide. We provide all the information you need about each service, as well as scenario matches and important points to keep in mind when selecting the best LLC service.

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The Best 19 LLC Services

Our list of the 19 best LLC services. Based on their simple guidance and affordable pricing, Northwest Registered Agent and IncFile were our top recommendations for LLC formations.  LLC formation starts at $225 just $39 with Northwest + state fee.

How to Evaluate the Best LLC Services

We used a specific methodology to eliminate any companies not fitting our criteria. You can read the review to find out more about each LLC service.

What Qualify LLC Services to Consideration

We evaluated several top services in the first round of evaluation.

We considered BizFilings, Harbor Compliance, Inc Authority, IncFile,, LegalNature, LegalZoom, MyCompanyWorks, MyCorporation, Northwest Registered Agent, Rocket Lawyer, Swyft Filings, ZenBusiness, Incorporate Fast, Active Filings, Direct Incorporation, InCorp, National Incorporators, and Sundoc Filings.

We’ve been through many LLCs and other business formations so we understand what makes an amazing LLC service. We analyzed each company using this knowledge, as well as what other business owners require in an LLC service.

  • Add-on Services: Although they aren’t required, they can add significant value to a service. Having add-ons through your service can make it easier for LLC-related features to be kept on the same platform.
  • Compliance: To ensure compliance with state requirements, you need to find a company that offers compliant-focused services.
  • Customer Support: It is a great advantage to be able to reach an LLC service whenever you need it. Companies that offer multiple support options, such as email, phone, and live chat, are worth considering.
  • Easy of use: Guided sets, knowledge bases, and free online resources make it easy to navigate the LLC formation process and other related steps. Interactive tools are available for some services to make it as easy as possible.
  • Forming an LLC shouldn’t take weeks: While some services provide same-day filing or next-day business filing, others charge additionally to speed up the process.
  • Pricing: We dropped companies that had a lot to offer, but charged higher fees and prices than their competitors. It should be affordable and as helpful as possible for LLC filings.
  • Registered agent services: You can file documents for your business and keep your personal data confidential. Some companies offer members registered agent services for a year.

We compared each company with this set of criteria and found that all 17 services had the required qualities to be included on the list.

How we Chose the List of Qualified LLC Service Providers

Our research team found two companies with similar features to the others but not the same value, in order to provide only the best and most specific options. These are the companies we did not recommend but that were qualified. – is a very popular choice with many options. Its fees are more expensive than similar companies, which reduces its value.

MyCorporation – Similar to other top competitors, MyCorporation charges unnecessarily high fees without offering stand-out features.

Find the right LLC service solution for your scenario

Most LLC owners fall under one of these categories. We’ve identified the best two LLC services to help you narrow down your choices and guide your research.

  • You’re a new entrepreneur
  • Make changes to your LLC
  • A registered agent is required.
  • Register your LLC quickly
  • Legal help
  • Need help to keep your LLC compliant

You’re a new entrepreneur

Best Option: Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest RA may offer the most straightforward setup for LLC owners. The wizard guides new business owners through all of the necessary documentation and steps to create an LLC.

This company also offers top-notch customer support. You can get your questions answered quickly by phone, email, or live chat. Agents are even available on weekends.

Another great option: Incfile

IncFile provides free LLC filings and a one-year registration agent service, making it extremely affordable for entrepreneurs. New business owners will find it extremely useful due to its easy navigation and guided setup.

Need to Build Out Your Brand?

Consider Tailor Brands 

Another favorite LLC service is Tailor Brands. This automated platform assists with LLC formation, branding, and building business websites. Its goal is to help entrepreneurs launch their businesses by offering a single-stop shop.

Tailor Brands’ premium Elite Plan ($199 + state fees), is what sets them apart. The Elite plan is a great choice for Arkansas businesses that want to establish an online presence. These include digital business cards, logo creation, and graphic design tools for social networks.

Tailor Brands Pros

  • You can create an LLC in Arkansas in less than 10 minutes. Then, you can build your website and start your social media marketing strategy.
  • High-quality, personal service to ensure you get the right tools for each step of your business journey
  • You will receive the best customer service to answer any questions you might have.

Tailor Brands Cons

  • This is not the best option for businesses with limited budgets who only require basic Arkansas LLC formation services.
  • You will need to pay an additional fee for services such as registered agent service

Tailor Brands Prices and Features

Although Tailor Brands offers three packages for LLC formation, we will be highlighting their all-inclusive Elite package. The Elite Plan offers a lot of value for the price. It is designed for entrepreneurs who want to succeed online.

Elite Plan Features:

  • Formation of LLC
  • Compliance annually
  • Processing expedited
  • Operating Agreement
  • One year free domain
  • Logo maker
  • Website Builder

If you are new to the business world, consider

  • Easy to use: A slimmed-down dashboard, guided walk-throughs and responsive customer service can make LLC formation easier for entrepreneurs.
  • Customer support: Are you able to reach a company for assistance before, during, and after filing?
  • Resources: Many companies offer self-help resources, some of which are completely free.
  • Pricing is important for entrepreneurs, particularly those who are bootstrapping. To cut costs, look for free registration agents and filing services.

Changes to your LLC are necessary

Best Option: Northwest

Northwest can assist you with any amendments or changes to your LLC filing. It will be with you for the entire life of your company so that you can access any document updates, convert to other types of business or dissolve a business.

Another great option but pricey: LegalZoom

LegalZoom supports many types of business filings and changes, including the application for business licenses or filing annual reports. Visit our reviews on LegalZoom, LegalZoom vs ZenBusiness, and LegalZoom vs Incfile for more information.

If you want add-ons like tax preparation and business licenses, consider,

  • Add-on services are available from some of the top companies. These include tax preparation services and business license applications. Compliance checks are also available.

When a registered agent is required

Best Choice: Northwest Registered Agent

The main service offered by Northwest Registered Agent is registered agent services. It is a great option for businesses that operate in multiple states as the cost of the service drops with each state you file.

Another great option: IncFile

IncFile’s registered agent service for the first year of your LLC filing is free. It’s free for business owners to try it out during the first year of their LLC filings.

Your state may require your business to have an agent registered. 

  • Registered agent services: Registered agents are essential for all LLCs. Even if you don’t require one for your company, it might be beneficial to have one to protect your privacy and manage documents. Some states allow you to be your own registered agent, but most professionals advise against this. It’s only $125 per year with Northwest RA.

Form your LLC as soon as possible

Best Choice: Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent will automatically file your business documents the same day you file. There are no additional fees. An online account will allow you to view and track your filing progress.

Another great option: MyCompanyWorks

MyCompanyWorks will file your LLC before 3 p.m. EST to receive same-day business filing. You can still file your LLC within the same day if you miss the deadline, but you will not be charged an additional fee.

  • Filing time: Each state has its own filing time. However, the time required to process LLC filings can vary by state. The time taken for processing LLC applications will depend on how your LLC service is used. You can reduce the waiting time by using next-day or same-day filing services.

When legal help is essential

Best Choice: Rocket Lawyer

Business owners can get legal assistance to ensure compliance and meet all state requirements. Rocket Lawyer’s legal team is available to you on an as-needed basis, or more frequently with a subscription.

You can also find legal forms and templates on the company’s website.

Premium option: LegalZoom (Pricey)

LegalZoom’s Business Advisory Plan allows LLC owners to access legal consultations as well as a library full of legal forms. The annual subscription costs $459

If you need additional help from an experienced attorney, consider

  • Access to a Legal Team: Get advice and questions answered by a team who understands the intricacies of business formation.
  • Templates and legal forms: Legal forms and templates can be trusted to contain all the information you need.

Need help to ensure your LLC is compliant?

Best Choice: LegalNature

Compliance isn’t LegalNature’s main service. However, the company’s Compliance Guard option remains one of the best. Compliance Guard offers everything you need to keep you company in compliance, including meeting minutes and annual filings.

It’s an affordable way to ensure compliance for as low as $125 per year

Another great option: Harbor Compliance

ComplianceAdviser is Harbor Compliance’s software. It’s a set of tools that can be tailored to meet your business’s specific compliance requirements. Although this service is more expensive than other options, it may be the best option for LLCs that have more complex compliance requirements.

Prioritize to avoid potential legal problems when you form or operate your business.

  • Compliance: Most LLC services that focus on compliance offer legal forms and risk management services to help you meet the requirements of your state.

LLC Service Reviews

We chose the 11 final LLC services that best suit the most common business scenarios and offer the features business owners are looking for in a service.

However, there is no single solution that will work for all businesses. We did extensive research on each company to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. Below are our reviews and the best situations we have worked with.

Northwest Registered Agent Best for Privacy

Northwest offers a combination of LLC formation and one year of registered agent services at a very affordable $39

  • Northwest does not offer upsells. This makes it very easy to form an LLC. Northwest is not like LegalZoom, which will attempt to sell you add-ons after add-on.
  • Northwest offers excellent customer service. To resolve any issues, call the number and get your question answered promptly by a friendly and knowledgeable person.

Many companies consider privacy and offer you choices about how they handle your personal data. Northwest Registered Agent makes privacy protection a standard part of everything it does for you business.

The company automatically protects your information once you sign up. This means that your business address is not included in communications. It also keeps your data safe and secures it rather than selling it. The company is your registered agent and will protect your privacy.

Northwest Registered Agent is a registered agent company that specializes in domain registration. This means it can’t offer other services like business banking or business banking.

What makes Northwest registered agents great?

Northwest Registered Agent offers registered agent services in all 50 states. Services per state are more affordable if you have multiple states.

Instead of scanning only legal communications, the company scans all documents you receive. Compliance alerts will be sent to you to inform you of any important legal requirements while protecting your privacy.

Northwest Registered Agent offers a business number that can be used to quickly reach customers. The number can be used for business communications only. You can keep your personal number confidential.

Northwest Registered agent costs $100 plus the state filing fees for LLC formation. However, its registered agent services are $125 more per year. If you do not require this service, you should look elsewhere.

ZenBusiness is the best for entrepreneurs and startups

Startup businesses and entrepreneurs want to be able to quickly form their LLCs. ZenBusiness is the easiest way to set up an LLC. It takes just minutes.

It starts with an interactive chatbot, which asks you important questions to help you find the correct documentation for your state. You will be guided through each step with no guesswork.

ZenBusiness Academy is a great resource for solo or new business owners. It offers tons of free online resources. This suite of tools is essentially training for small businesses to understand the nuances of tax, accounting, creating business plans, and other details.

What makes ZenBusiness great?

ZenBusiness is simple beyond the initial setup. It offers an easy-to use platform to manage your account, find documentation, and access learning tools.

Your company can be your registered agent to store and manage important documents related to your business. This service will help you to stay compliant, keep track of legal notices and find out about any legal issues you might need to address.

You may need additional support if you are new to the entrepreneurial world. ZenBusiness has a reputation for providing prompt and reliable customer service that can assist customers with all kinds of business questions and needs. The company’s flexible hours include support on Sundays.

ZenBusiness begins at $0 plus any state filing fees. This keeps things affordable for startups and entrepreneurs. You can scale up as you need with many add-on options.

IncFile is the easiest way to set up an LLC

IncFile is a popular choice. They have helped more than 500,000 companies to form since 2004. You can also find a wide range of useful features that will suit your needs as an entrepreneur.

Keep in Mind: Even though their free formation LLC service is a great deal, you’re going to deal with more upsells and potentially higher overall prices as a result.

  • Even considering that its base LLC formation package is free of charge, IncFile includes several good features such as a full year of registered agent service and lifetime company alerts for filing deadlines.
  • They have more than 32,000 online customer reviews, and most of them are positive.
  • IncFile has fairly good customer service with helpful support reps. They offer phone, email, and chat support.

IncFile is a great option for those who have a tight budget but need an affordable LLC service.

IncFile is the best option for you if you are looking for an easy-to-use LLC setup. Incfile makes it easy for business owners to set up an LLC in just a few minutes.

You can even get it free of charge if you select the Silver package. This includes everything you need, such as unlimited business name searches, prepared legal documents, and prepared legal forms. Only the filing fees for your state are required.

The free plan is not sufficient for LLCs that require additional services such as registered agent services, an EIN or operating agreements. IncFile offers the possibility to upgrade to other plans that offer similar setups.

What makes Incfile great?

IncFile’s setup can be viewed as intuitive and self-explanatory. However, for any questions, customer support is available via phone during normal business hours Monday through Friday.

IncFile offers several additional services that can be added to maintain its ease of use throughout the lifecycle of your business. IncFile allows you to purchase domain names and business emails, as well as add accounting and bookkeeping services that will help you manage your finances throughout the year.

IncFile’s paid pricing starts at $199 and includes free registered agent service for one year, plus additional documents you might need to run your LLC. Solopreneurs may be able to get by with the free plan.

Rocket Lawyer Best Affordable Legal Support

Rocket Lawyer offers LLC formation services that have an overarching theme: quality legal support. This allows you to only be an arm’s reach of credentialed attorneys when your business requires it.

Rocket Lawyer offers basic legal support without the additional cost of extra fees. Rocket Lawyer’s monthly subscription fee includes access to legal documents, legal questions and 30-minute consultations on each new legal matter.

Rocket Lawyer’s customer service hours are only available on weekdays. This means that you might not be able to access the legal assistance you need after those hours.

Rocket Lawyers: What makes them great?

Rocket Lawyer also offers a Document Defense Service, which protects your business from any issues that may arise with documents or contracts made through your company. To have a lawyer review the matter and provide assistance in enforcement, you can request a review.

It is easy to use the service, regardless of whether you are creating a new document or setting up an LLC. You will be guided through the process and asked all the questions you need to personalize your document. To protect you, each document has been subject to a thorough legal review.

Rocket Lawyer’s monthly membership costs $39.99. This includes on-call legal services and discounts for incorporation filing. To try it out, you can get a free 7-day trial.

LegalNature is the best for ongoing access to business documents

LegalNature offers LLC formation services that include all the paperwork, filing, and EIN attainment. This will allow you to get started as soon as possible. All you need is a guide to set up your LLC with only a few questions.

Once you have formed your LLC, LegalNature offers a variety of business documents that you can customize yourself. You can use the wizard to create operating agreements, business plans, amendments, purchases, and other agreements whenever you need them.

LegalNature emphasizes speed and simplicity so that every legal document can be completed in minutes.

What makes LegalNature great?

After you have created your LLC and signed documents with LegalNature you can access all of the information you’ve created through your online business portal. You can access all documents, create new forms and organize everything using this easy-to-use dashboard from any computer or mobile device.

LegalNature is a DIY-friendly platform that allows you to store and manage legal correspondence for your company. LegalNature will send you an email each time it receives a document. This allows for quick review.

LegalNature offers formation pricing starting at $49, plus any state filing fees. To create business documents, a subscription costs $119 per annum or $39 per month. Try LegalNature for 7 days before you commit.

Is LegalNature the right option for your LLC? 

LegalZoom – Most Comprehensive Premium LLC Service

LegalZoom provides a wide range of services to business owners long after they have filed their LLC. These services include everything from managing a successful brand to operating a business.

LegalZoom will help you set up a simple LLC with guidance. Select packages include experienced attorneys who can assist you in ensuring that everything goes exactly the way you want it to.

After you have set up your account, you can access LegalZoom’s extensive business services like contract writing, trademarking, provisional patenting and contract writing. LegalZoom offers registered agent services, tax assistance, and a virtual mailbox.

LegalZoom may be on the more expensive side depending on what services you require. The company charges per-service rather than offering packages. To get a quote tailored to your needs, you might want to contact customer service.

What makes LegalZoom great?

LegalZoom’s pick-and-choose-what-you-need model could be an excellent option for scaling LLCs. It’s possible to add services and remove what you don’t need, rather than paying for a package that might include services you don’t use.

The Total Compliance service, for example, files annual reports on behalf of your company and notifies you when important dates are due to ensure compliance. The Compliance Calendar is affordable and has important filing dates preloaded so you don’t get penalized.

LegalZoom offers free LLC filing. This includes your state’s filing fee. The Pro plan offers some compliance benefits, such as business consultations and the creation of operating agreements for $249 plus state filing fee.

BizFilings Best for Scalability

An LLC is a good way to start a business. It is a good idea to start with a company such as BIZFilings. This company offers many services that you can add on as your business grows.

BizFilings begins with a simple set-up process that includes a business name look, quality and compliance checks and done-for you filing. You can select additional services to help scale your business like payroll tax management or registered agent services when you choose your package.

BizFilings allows business owners to set up an LLC. They can also access the BizComply tool. This tool sends alerts and forms to ensure that your business is compliant as it grows.

What makes BizFilings great?

BizFilings provides three months of free registration to its registered agent services. This service will help you manage your documents and comply with all compliance requirements. If you choose to incorporate, you can still use this service for handling tasks.

LLC owners have the option to add operating agreements, amendment filings and business license research services to their LLC formation package. ADP also offers payroll services to help manage employee payments in a growing company.

Package pricing starts from $99, plus any state filing fees. Add-ons range between $20-$199. Sign up to get BizComply for three months free.

Harbor Compliance Best Compliance Software

Compliance is in its name and Harbor Compliance lives up to its mission to provide businesses with useful tools to manage their legal obligations.

Technically, Harbor Compliance can be described as an online tool that allows you to manage many of your compliance requirements. The software allows you to review, file, and renew documents. You can also receive communications from your registered agent.

Harbor Compliance specialists are available to help you review documents and alert you if something is amiss.

Harbor Compliance is a better choice if you are looking for a complete solution that includes additional services such as trademarking or business domain registration. This company is worth looking into if you are serious about compliance and have already filed your LLCs.

What makes Harbor Compliance great?

Harbor Compliance’s Entity Manager software tool is a standout offering. This tool and formation package includes registration agent services, compliance audits, and DBA renewals. It also has other essential features that ensure compliance year round.

Harbor Compliance’s software allows business owners to search for state requirements using its license management tool. You can then track each license’s renewal status right from your dashboard.

The cost of forming an LLC is $99 plus the state filing fees. However, there are other options available for expedited filing. Depending on the state, registered agent services start at $89 per annum.

Inc Authority Best for Free LLC Filings and Bonuses

While there are some services that allow you to form an LLC free of charge, Inc Authority offers more than a free filing. A business owner also gets a business name consultation and funding consultation. These extras combine affordability and value.

It’s a free service that you don’t have to pay for, but you will still get the high-quality filing you deserve. Inc Authority offers a similar service to other services, but with premium access to expert help if needed.

You get a free tax consultation and registered agent services for the first year. Digital document storage and management are also included in your free filing.

What makes Inc Authority great?

Inc Authority offers exceptional value through its free services. However, it also offers many affordable options for businesses that can create custom plans as their needs change.

A premium service bundle includes annual compliance notifications, business names searches, and a domain. This allows you to obtain multiple services at one price. A la carte services can be added to your free plan for $99, such as a legal document package or an operating agreement.

After your first year free, registered agent services of the company are only $99 per annum. This gives you ample time to try it out and make sure it is right for you. Premium packages start at $399, plus any state filing fees.

MyCompanyWorks is the best for speedy processing

MyCompanyWorks can process any submitted business filings on the same day, provided they are in the system and have been paid for by 3 p.m. EST. This unique feature is only available to LLC services. Many of these companies process filings in a matter of days. However, they do not offer same-day service for a small (and often expensive) fee.

Even if you don’t file your paperwork by the deadline of 3 PM, next-day filing is still possible, provided it’s a regular working day. This service is free of charge.

It’s easy to set up the company.

What makes MyCompanyWorks great?

MyCompanyWorks makes filing simple for single or multi-state filers. Its interactive wizard keeps track of your progress so that you always know what you have to do. To keep up with any reminders or additional documentation, you’ll receive email notifications.

You can view the status of your order online once you have filed. You can track it 24/7, from processing to acceptance.

MyCompanyWorks offers three pricing options, starting at $59 and including state filing fees. The Entrepreneur package is $199 plus the state filing fees. This includes registered agent services, lifetime access to the company’s suite of legal forms and unlimited access to the company’s business and legal forms.

Swyft Filings – Best Dedicated LLC Support

Although forming an LLC is relatively simple, you might need assistance. It is always a good idea that you have support available when you need it. Swyft Filings offers this for its customers.

Each person who uses Swyft Filings for their LLC formation gets a dedicated Business Specialist. Your specialist will provide their email address and phone number, so you can reach them at any time during normal working hours. When you have any questions regarding your company filings, your specialist is your best resource.

You can also hire a registered agent to help you manage your company’s correspondence and paperwork.

What makes Swyft Filings great?

After filing for your LLC, your business specialist will be available to answer any questions you may have. They’ll also review your filing personally to look for common errors and make corrections before forwarding it to the state.

You can contact customer service quickly by phone or live chat, Monday to Friday, even if you are unable to reach your specialist.

You can also get additional support through automated features. ComplianceGuard helps you keep track of renewals and important dates, and the online documents feature organizes and stores your documents for you.

Swyft Filings plans start at $49, plus any state filing fees. Every plan comes with a business name verification and complianceGuard alerts. To help you get started, an easy payment plan can be arranged.

#12 Incorporate Fast

Incorporate Fast provides LLC formation services for a low $99 This includes assistance in filing documents and assistance with filing them. They can file your documents the same day. They will file and process your documents within 24 hours after receipt. Upgrade to the $199 package and get an EIN

#13 Active Filings

Active Filings, another LLC Formation service is based in Dania Beach. Active Filings is a new company that has been around since 2001, but it remains a relatively small player in the industry. According to their website, only four employees work for them.

#14 Direct Incorporation

Direct Incorporation provides the same services as MyCorporation but also includes a banking resolution and an Employer Identification Number. These services are $174. You will need the next package for $297 if you want an LLC operating agreement. You can also get a logo design, trademarks, and a website for your business.

#15 InCorp

InCorp costs $99. Plus state fees for filing your Articles of Organization. The cost of registered agent services is $129 per annum.

#16 National Incorporations

Nationwide Incorporation provides basic filing services at $200. For $475 you can get an LLC operating agreement. Talk to an attorney. Pricey!

#17 SunDoc Filings

SunDoc Files offers a $79 base package to file your Articles of Organization. An EIN costs $70 and an operating agreement for LLCs costs $69


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