Incfile is a leading LLC service that can help you with accounting and guide you through the entrepreneurial journey. Incfile can assist with business formation, bookkeeping and registered agent services. It also offers business license search assistance. Click here to visit IncFile and select your state. Get started today with Incfile for $0.00 + state fee!

Comparing Incfile with The Best LLC Services

Incfile was one of our favorite services for starting a business. How does it compare to similar services? It ranks very well according to our research team. We placed it at the top of our best LLC service review.

  1. Northwest Registered Agent: Best Overall
  2. Incfile: Best Range of LLC Services
  3. ZenBusiness: “Worry-Free Guarantee”
  4. LegalZoom: Best for speaking with Attorneys
  5. Inc Authority: Best for Avoiding Service Fees
  6. BizFilings: The Best Way to Choose the Right Entity Type

Incfile allows business owners to form limited liability companies (LLCs), S-corporations and C-corporations. You can also access many add-ons, such as bookkeeping services or registered agent services. Incfile add-ons are expensive and lack business website features like other LLC services.

Incfile: The Pros and The Cons

The Pros

Many Entity Types: Incfile can be used by business owners to incorporate LLCs and C-corporations as well as S-corporations and nonprofits.

Incfile allows you to create a domestic LLC if you need an LLC to operate in your state. For LLCs operating in other states than the state where they were formed, foreign LLCs are possible. If owners of businesses are split equally in ownership, they can create member-managed LLCs.

Incfile allows users to create managed-managed LLCs, if any of their partners wish to remain passive. Users can also form single-member LLCs with only one owner. Multi-member LLCs are possible to protect each member’s rights in case of death or disagreement. Incfile also helps business owners to form series LLCs and restricted LLCs. Anonymous LLCs can also be formed. L3Cs can also be created.

S-corporations can be used to save taxes, protect personal assets and allow for easy transfer of ownership. C-corporations can be formed by users to obtain limited liability, issue stock and transfer ownership. This allows them to separate their existence from their owners.

Incfile is able to register all types of nonprofits, in addition to corporations and LLCs. These include foundations, professional and trade organisations, public charities, foundations, and social advocacy organizations. Incfile users may include schools, universities and churches as well as museums, hospitals, homeless shelters, food banks, and churches.

Bookkeeping Service: Incfile users have access to bookkeeping and accounting services at a very low monthly fee. Incfile users have access to monthly reports and bookkeeping software. They also get a professional bookkeeper to join the team. A small business accountant can offer a tax consultation.

Incfile allows users to match expenses with accounting and bookkeeping, and track transactions. Incfile reconciles transactions from credit card accounts as well as business bank accounts. It prepares, reviews, and files tax returns to ensure that every LLC, S-corporation or C-corporation meets government filing requirements.

Incfile assists business owners to identify and pay payroll taxes. Sign up for the Incfile business accounting service to get unlimited tax consultations, prepare your business tax returns, manage your mobile account, and kick off a call with your client.

Entrepreneur Resources – You can see how passionate Incfile’s creators are about helping entrepreneurs succeed. They offer business formation and other services related to small businesses. However, they also provide many helpful resources. They offer a free guide to starting a business, business tools and downloads, a Start and Run a Business Checklist and an informative blog.

Download the business startup guide to learn about how prepared you are to start your business. It also explains how to develop your business idea and what the legalities are for starting a business. The guide will teach readers how to measure success in business, marketing and identity, planning and funding, taxes, forms and licenses and taxes.

Incfile provides many entrepreneurial resources, including guides to help you start an Amazon business or a consulting company, as well as information on how to run a food truck, nonprofit, or non-profit. You can also find guides on how to break down different types of business entities and which states they are best registered in. You can also learn more about registered agents and small business tools.

The Cons

Expensive Add-ons: Some of Incfile’s add-ons, such as bookkeeping or registered agent services, are reasonable in price. However, others are exorbitant. Incfile charges $95 for annual reports, Articles of Amendment, and Articles of Dissolution. When these fees are combined, they add up quickly so be sure to choose your add-ons carefully.

No Website Assistance: Incfile offers very limited services to help users create business websites and improve search engine optimization (SEO). There are also marketing packages that include a web designer to improve users’ online presence. This is an important feature that you should consider if you are looking for outside assistance with web development or another service for business formation.

Pricing and Options for Incfile

Incfile can be broken down into three pricing plans. The price of each plan will vary depending on the state you live in and your business type. First, users will choose between LLC, S-corporation or C-corporation. Next, they will choose a nonprofit. Next, users will select the state of formation.

Incfile Silver is completely free and requires no state filing fees. Incfile Silver includes core features such as unlimited name searches, filing, preparing articles of organization, and one year of registered agents services.

Incfile Gold is available for $149 and includes state filing fees. This plan includes more features, including those listed below.

  • Banking resolution
  • Form 2553 of the IRS
  • Number for EIN business tax
  • Operating agreement
  • Consultation on tax for business
  • Bank account for business
  • Unlimited phone and email support
  • Online access dashboard
  • Lifetime company alerts

Incfile Platinum includes all of the services features. The one-time fee is $299, plus any state filing fees. This plan includes everything in Silver and Gold, plus business email, domain names, expedited filing and business contract templates.

Incfile provides many other services, in addition to business formation plans.

Incfile Registered Agent Services

Registering a business with Incfile gives users one year of free registered agent services. Users must pay $119 annually to renew the service after year 1.

A registered agent is required for all corporations and LLCs. The registered agent at Incfile can receive documents and legal proceedings on behalf of your company.

A registered agent is a person who has a physical presence in your state. It will also have a registered address. This address will allow the state government contact you with any required annual reports, notices, litigation or franchise tax forms and other tax and legal correspondence.

The service also includes an online dashboard that allows users to access their information. All information, documentation and legal correspondence is automatically sent to the users. Users are automatically notified by SMS or email when business documents are received.

Incfile Annual Report

Incfile allows users to file their annual reports at a cost of $99 plus any state fees. Annual reports provide information to the state about a company’s activities in the previous year. The state also receives updates on business and ownership changes.

Incfile allows users to file reports that include details such as the purpose of the business, authorized signatories for registered agents, and the number of shares issued by the company. Incfile can help users create executive summary reports, risk and opportunity reports, financial forecasts and projection reports.

Incfile Foreign Qualification

Foreign qualification is required for business owners who want to conduct business in another country. This is often required when your business expands or has branches in more than one state. Incfile helps business owners to obtain a Certificate of Authority for doing business in other states than their home state.

Incfile is a service that allows business owners to obtain a Certificate of Authority from their state of origin. They also pay the appropriate state fees and file the relevant documents. This service is available for $149 plus applicable state fees.

Incfile Certificate of Good Standing

Business owners can use a Certificate of Good Standing to file taxes, renew licenses and get loans. This certificate is issued by the secretary of state and serves as proof of your business entity. Incfile can help you get this certificate for $49 plus the state fees.

Incfile EIN/Tax ID Number

Tax ID numbers are used by businesses to establish credit, pay employees wages, open business bank accounts, and file tax returns. Incfile is able to help you apply for a tax ID number online. Incfile can handle all interactions with IRS and set up this in a matter of hours.

Incfile Gold and Platinum plans include this service. If you wish to purchase it separately, the cost is $70 plus any state fees.

Incfile Business License Search

Businesses must have the appropriate business licenses in order to avoid penalties and fines from local and state governments. Examples of license requirements include those for businesses that serve alcohol or food or those who build structures. You may also need to designate street parking.

This package will assign a licensed expert to help users identify the required permits and licenses at all levels, including federal, municipal, state, and county. The licensing expert will then provide the necessary permit and license applications. The user will then be informed about fees and supporting documents, as well as filing instructions.

Incfile Business Taxes

Incfile helps users file taxes by offering bookkeeping and business accounting services. It handles tax preparation, reconciliation, transactions, and tax filing for its users. The service begins with a kick-off call for new clients to discuss the available services and ensure that the user’s account has been properly set up.

Access to mobile-friendly bookkeeping software is available. Users also have unlimited access to accountants for tax-related questions or IRS notices. Incfile updates its bookkeeping and provides financial reports every quarter. Incfile files federal and state tax returns. Incfile also handles personal 1040 tax returns.

Incfile is available for free consultations and information about pricing.

Incfile Fictitious Name

FBN (fictitious business name) refers to a business that is operated under a name other than the company’s business name. This is often used by business owners who have multiple locations or sell different products.

You can search for fictitious names available and register them with Secretary of State using Incfile. FBN pricing is determined by the type of entity, the state of formation and the state of service. For your exact pricing details, please fill out the form at Incfile.

Incfile Amendment

This service provides users with articles of amendment. When a company’s articles need to be changed, articles of amendment can be filed. This is used to alter things such as business address, declared business activities, authorized shares issued and removal or addition members, officers, directors. The service is $99 plus applicable state fees.

Incfile Dissolution

A business must file an article to dissolve with the state if it wants to dissolve. Incfile will handle this process for you. To file it, your company must be in good standing. Incfile charges $149 plus any state fees.

Incfile Change of Registered agent

Sometimes your business may need to change its registered agent. Failure to notify the state could result in heavy fines and penalties. You will need to fill out a Change in Registered Agent form and pay the processing fee. Incfile can handle this for you by paying $49 plus any state fees.

Incfile File S Corp Tax Election

S Corporation Tax Election Form 2553 is a tool that LLCs can use to reduce their tax burden. You can file this form yourself by visiting the IRS website. Navigate to the section on S Corporation Tax Election, download the form 2553, complete it, return it to IRS and wait for approval. For specific pricing information, please enter the details of your business on Incfile’s website.

How Incfile ranks

Incfile has been voted the best business formation service. This service allows business owners to form any type of company, provide bookkeeping services and receive a variety of entrepreneurial guides.

Some of the drawbacks to Incfile include high prices for add-ons and a lack of features to help you build an online presence. You can also check out LegalZoom and Inc Authority if Incfile is not for you.


Incfile is our top recommendation for getting your business started. Incfile is a great service for any type of business, whether it’s an LLC or corporation. However, Incfile is not as good in web development services. You’ll find everything you need to start your own small business with the help of its bookkeeping and entrepreneurship services.

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