The first step to forming an LLC in Kansas is to search for your preferred name and ensure it is available.

Kansas LLC names must be unique and meet certain state requirements.

Visit the Kansas Business Entity Search Station (BESS)


Kansas Business Center: Name availability
Kansas Business Center: Name reservation
Kansas LLC Act: 17-7920 Name requirements for limited liability companies

Kansas LLC Name Requirements

There are some requirements that you must know before searching for your Kansas LLC name:

1. The abbreviations “LLC” and “L.L.C.” should be added to the end of your Kansas LLC’s name. The most commonly used abbreviation is “LLC”.

2. A Kansas LLC is not a Corporation. Your desired LLC name can’t the words “Corporation”, or “Incorporated” or their abbreviations (“Corp. or “Inc .”).”).

3. The name of your LLC must be distinctive. It must be distinct from all other Kansas businesses.

Designators are the identifiers at end of business names (LLC, Inc., etc.). There may be differences in the designators. do not create distinguishability.

Different grammars do not necessarily create distinction.

  • LLC, L.L.C, Inc., Corp.
  • Single, plural, and possessive
  • A, An, The
  • and, or, &
  • hyphens, slashes, periods, commas
  • Three vs.

Searching the Kansas Name Databases

Kansas offers two options for searching for your desired LLC name.

For a quick answer, you can use the Name Availability Search.

You can also use the Business Entity Search Station to quickly search all businesses to verify your name is unique.

Below are instructions on how to use them both.

Name Availability Search

1. Check out the Name Availability Search Page

Kansas Business Center – Name Availability Status

2. Find your LLC

You will find a box on the right side of this page with the title “Is your Name Available?”

Your LLC name can be entered exactly as you like, with your preferred capitalization and the designation “LLC” (or “L.L.C”) (the most common abbreviation for “LLC”.

Either use a comma or leave it out in your LLC’s name. Ex: Both “ABC Widgets, LLC”, and “ABC Widgets LLC”, are acceptable.

3. Find out the availability

Click on the “Search” button:

An “is availability” message indicates that your Kansas LLC name is available.

An “is unavailable” message will indicate that your Kansas LLC name is not currently available. It is possible to come up with unique names or creative variations.

Notification: The state will ask you to file a name reservation for $30 if your name is not yet available. Kansas does not require you to do this step in order to form an LLC. If you are not ready to form an LLC in Kansas, you can either reserve your name or follow our instructions and file your documents with the state.

Search Station for Business Entities

1. Visit the Business Entity Search Station.

Start here: Business Entity Search Station.

Click Business Entity Database and then click By business entity name.

2. Find your LLC

In the search box “Name of Business”, enter your desired LLC name.

  • You can leave out the “LLC” ending and punctuation.
  • Capitalization doesn’t matter.
  • To ensure that you are thorough, enter only the first or two words of your LLC name. This will allow you to see all similar entities. Ex: If your Kansas LLC name is Johnny Apple Farm LLC, enter “johnny”
  • You can be more specific by entering a portion of the first word. Ex: If your Kansas LLC name is Printing Solutions LLC, enter “print”.

3. Check out the Results

To browse the Kansas business listings, click the “Search” button.

If the “The number or name you searched for wasn’t found in the business entity data” message appears it means that your chosen LLC name is available and unique.

If you see names that are similar to yours (meaning they are distinguishable), your chosen LLC name can be used.

Your desired Kansas LLC name is unavailable if it appears in the search results. It is possible to come up with unique variations or a new name.

Your Kansas LLC name may not be available if the search results display a similar name. It is possible to come up with unique names or creative variations.

Tip If your Kansas LLC name is not distinguishable, you can file paperwork with the state. The state of Kansas will return your file if your name isn’t available and inform you that the name must be changed.

Next step: Become a Registered Agent

After you have found a Kansas LLC name that is distinctive and unique, you can choose your LLC’s registered agent.

Contact Information for the Kansas Secretary of State

You can reach the Kansas Secretary of State at 785-296-4564.

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